The Team


Our Founder/Head Editor 

Kirsty Taylor

Kirsty is a 24 year old student teacher and the founder of Continue The Voice. When she is not teaching or competing in triathlons. She is drinking wine, writing poetry or podcasting. You can check out her podcast here, and her poetry here. You will see her featured on quite a few pieces of work as she likes to get stuck in. 


Hannah Scott

After graduating in 2020 with a degree in Scottish Literature from the University of Glasgow, Hannah is currently studying MSc Publishing at Edinburgh Napier. Her interests lie in Scottish indie publishers and creatives and, alongside Continue the Voice, she also works as Subeditor for the Glasgow publisher The Common Breath. Her spare time is spent balancing a pretty serious true-crime podcast addiction, attempting (and failing) to learn how to bake, and reading Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels. 

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Grace Balfour-Harle

After graduating with an undergraduate in English and Legal Studies and then a Master’s in Publishing, Grace started to work as an editorial assistant in children’s magazines. She loves to dance, and teaches dance regularly. Working in the magazine industry has given her a passion for writing and publishing, and she volunteers for the SYP Scotland committee and the SYP Scotland Spring Conference 2021 Committee to help other young publishers begin their career, as well as writing about dance in her spare time. She’s also a keen baker and loves to read.


Nuha Zulkernain

Nuha is a Publishing student in Edinburgh. She graduated from Edinburgh Napier with a degree in English literature in 2020. She volunteers as Inclusivity Officer for the SYP Scotland committee 2021/2022 and enjoys reviewing books by marginalised writers on Instagram to expand the literary space. Nuha loves reading dystopian fiction, writing short stories, and making playlists for any mood.

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Beth Ralston

Beth is a freelance copywriter and a recent graduate of MSc Publishing from Edinburgh Napier University. As well as working at Continue The Voice, she volunteers with fellow editors Grace and Nuha for SYP Scotland, as Treasurer on the 2021/2022 committee. In her spare time, she indulges an obsession with speculative fiction and enjoys crushing friends and family at board games.

Social Media Co-ordinator 

Hannah Matheson

Hannah is a marketing student based in Aberdeen and is the editor for Continue The Voice. When she is not trying to get the perfect shot of her dog for Instagram or rewatching the same Netflix show for the twelfth time, you can find her with a strong coffee neck deep into unsolved crime documentaries or working on her next work of art which occasionally features on her Instagram.

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Shannon Gardner

Shannon transforms materials and matter to create unique memorable experiences through her artwork. Fusing Eastern and Western philosophy into a dark and quirky stylized aesthetic highlights Shannon's fascination with the macabre. Striking figures permeate her work showcasing imperfections in nature. Shannon has been featured in numerous publications, exhibitions, album art, and in the homes of those who connect with the aura of her work. You can find her work on Etsy.