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Why We Are Starting A Digital Zine

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

- This is a note from our Editor In Chief to all of you who we hope will soon become our zine readers, to tell you why she decided to embark on the journey of starting a zine and hopefully get you excited for our first issue coming soon.

I have loved the medium of print for as long as I can remember whether it was being a Platinum member of the Beano Club (yes that was really a thing) to spending endless nights reading magazines in bed. As much as I completely adore books, magazines and zines have a unique charm of being dynamic and forever adapting to the world around them.

Yes, I know I just described my love of print but we are starting a digital zine. So, you must be wondering why? There are two simple reasons to why we are starting off just with our zine being available digitally. The first is that sustainability is very near to my heart, and the rest of the teams so we want to make sure that if we do decide to make physical as well as digital copies available that we pick the most sustainable option. The second is inclusivity and accessibility with a digital zine, we are able to find programs and innovative ways to ensure that everyone is able to access our zine. Particularly people who are sight impaired, we are currently working on finding the right software so that you will be able to enjoy our content just as much as everyone else.

So those are the key reasons we love our zine, I'm very excited for our first ever issue which is coming out October 18th. Make sure to mark that date in your calendars so you can be the first to read. It is going to be a zine full of creativity and love and perfect to read whilst you coorie in this autumn.

To keep up to date with everything that is coming next for us, subscribe to this website and make sure to follow our Instagram (@continuethevoice)

All the love,

Kirsty Taylor

Head Editor


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