We Want Your Work!: Submissions Opportunity

Updated: Apr 8

We are very excited to announce that Continue The Voice is starting a digital Zine that will be go live on the last Sunday of every month. As a result, we are looking for your stories and creative work. Sounds interesting? Well then keep on reading!

For our first ever issue we are looking for 3 things:

  1. Creative work of any kind relating to the theme of 'Staycations', this includes poetry, music, dance, film, photography, short stories but is not limited to these forms of art. We are interested in all forms of art. Just pitch us your idea on our contact form, or by email continuethevoice@gmail.com or if you have a finished piece of work please send it on through!

  2. At Continue The Voice, we want to have feature interviews with people who are creating necessary change, whether it is on a small or large scale we are interested. So if you are interested in being interviewed for a feature piece or have a suggestion of someone who we should interview please let us know!

  3. We want your voices, if you have a particular subject, world view or solution to a problem you want to share within the world please send us any work relating to that it could be a feature article on sustainability and how people can create change in their daily life, a piece of creative work on intersectionality why it matters to you and should to others, a story of a family member or someone who you've read about who deserves to have their story amplified more. These are just some examples and there is no limitation. You can contact us here, via email (continuethevoice@gmail.com) or via Instagram (@continuethevoice)

Please also send a short bio with your work including a place where readers can find you if you wish.

We look forward to hearing from you all and enjoying all of your many forms of artwork!

Deadline: October 4th 2020


The Continue The Voice Team

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