We are looking for an Illustrator to join our team!

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Opportunity to join our team of volunteers in the role of Illustrator! This role will give you the opportunity to have your illustrations published in a monthly professional magazine with a global reach which can go straight into the experience section of your CV!

If you are interested, then please check out our previous issues as it’s important that our branding remains consistent. Then email a cover letter and portfolio of your work (you do not need to be a professional illustrator for this role) to continuethevoice@gmail.com by July 31st at 5pm (BST). The role requires c. 4 hours of work per month. This is an unpaid volunteer role. You can find the full job description below:

The main responsibility of the illustrator is to create a range of illustrations each month for the zine particularly focusing on the Contents page, Playlist, Next Issue Ad and Coorie Moments.

● Coorie is essentially a Scottish version of the concept Hygge, and every month our Head Editor will write a page of Coorie Moments which you will then illustrate. It will be one illustration per moment listed.

● Illustration for the contents page which matches the zine theme.

● A double page illustration for the Playlist which matches its theme, and liaise with the creator of the playlist for ideas.

● A full-page illustration for our Next Issue Ad (the text will be sent to you by the Head Editor) as well as a square version for Instagram related to the theme of the next issue.

● A full-page illustration for our Call for Submissions Ad (the text will be sent to you by the head editor) as well as a square version for Instagram related to the theme of the submissions.

● To be in contact with the Graphic Designer and Head Editor regularly.

● To be involved in team calls once a month (on Zoom).

● To occasionally illustrate for a feature interview or article.

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