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We Are Expanding Our Team

As we continue to grow going into our second year of publishing we have decided the time has come to expand our team! We are looking for passionate, creative and open-minded people to join us. We are particularly looking for graphic designers and editors, but would also love someone who can assist with social media marketing and/or emailing. We are a creative collective who publish a quarterly zine celebrating and continuing the voice of many artists from around the world. If this sounds like your kind of thing please do send us a cover letter and cv/portfolio to See below for more information on the specifics of our graphic designer and editor roles. Closing date is January 17th at midnight.

Features/Content Editor Job Description

Main responsibilities are to oversee the content and quality of the magazine and ensure that features are topical, interesting and informative. Help plan the features section of the magazine, supervise writers (if needed).

Responsibilities of the job include:

  • selecting articles for issues and planning publication contents

  • generating ideas for articles and features

  • helping plan the features content for the magazine

  • reading, writing and researching features and articles

  • rewriting, editing, proofreading and subbing copy to ensure it is ready to go to press

  • attending relevant events, fairs and conferences

  • ensuring that all feature articles comply with ethical codes of practice and legal guidelines.

  • To be involved in editor team calls every fortnight and in the monthly whole team call (most likely on Zoom)

The Graphic Designer Job Descriptor

The Graphic Designer role at Continue The Voice has three main areas of focus which are detailed below.

Publications Design:

  • Working with InDesign to assemble page spreads, making design decisions on layout, composition, spacing, and best-fit order.

  • Create the layout and formatting for each piece and attempt to design each in a fitting way for each subject.

  • Checking text, ensuring line breaks and paragraphing is visually appealing.

  • You should maintain consistency across publications by making use of standardised house fonts, mastheads, titles, page order, and colour schemes.

  • If necessary, sourcing relevant and copyright free imagery to go alongside articles or should create relevant illustrations and graphics.

  • Ensuring final checks are completed – including any edits from the editorial team and ensuring all hyperlinks are added to the publication.

  • You should have prior knowledge, or be able to become familiar with, the Issuu interface to ensure correct exportation and upload of the digital files.

Website & UX Design:

  • Apply concepts of UX design to ensure ease of accessibility of our content on the website.

  • Maintain consistency of design.

  • Updated the source code for the new issue each month for the website housing.

  • Check through any changes on both desktop and mobile viewing.

  • Ensuring links and buttons function correctly.

Visual Identity and Content Design:

  • The brand and visual identity has been created by the graphic designer and subsequently ensuring brand consistency is important. Any future alterations in terms of rebranding would be the graphic designer’s responsibility.

  • Creation of digital content including banners, profile images and customised promotional content where required.

  • Design of any print media (and ensuring they are correctly formatted for print) that may be required for the magazine inclusive of posters, leaflets, or printed versions of the magazine.

  • To be involved in our whole team call once a month (most likely on Zoom).

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