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Trying New Things In An Unknown World

I, like many, fell in to the trap mid-way through lockdown in Scotland of feeling rather inadequate that I had not yet written that damn novel, learnt that language or started that business. In a world full of many uncertainties there was an amplified voice for awhile in the Western media that this was the time to do big projects, and 'upgrade' your life. It is now 146 days (20 weeks and 1 day) since the lockdown began here in Scotland, and I can honestly say I am no longer down on myself that I did not write that bestseller or secure that extra dollar.

At the time that the local media was focused on becoming an expert in skills, when it was not publishing stomach sinking statistics. I chose to instead use this time to try something new, to have another go at a skill that I have very little ability in. I did not wish to do this for fame or fortune, but rather for a fun way to pass the time. I came up with the idea of recreating make-up looks that my very talented make-up guru friend Naomi would send me based off of this website's colour pallette. Lockdown was the perfect opportunity to play around with make-up as the only people I would be scaring when it all went wrong was my own parents; rather than being branded the village clown.

So, fast forward quite some time of planning and discussing how to make this experiment work. The method was quite simple, Naomi sends me the looks on Facebook messenger and then I attempt to recreate them and film myself whilst doing so. I filmed myself doing them for your entertainment and you can check out the video on Naomi's channel by just clicking here. I should add that I sent Naomi the make-up that I own to ensure that it was possible for me to recreate the looks.

I will get more into the lessons I learnt from this channel in another article next week but for now let me give you a run down of how it started off. The challenge did not start off strong, as I chose to do the hardest look first. By hardest I mean the look with winged eyeliner. Eyeliner has never been a talented of mine, and as a result I never ever wear it. It would not be a hyperbole to say that this winged eyeliner had me ready to smash a window, or scream into a pillow. In fact, I did do the latter a few times.

However, as they say in Primary School 'practice makes perfect' and with time my ability to do eyeliner did improve. I would not say it ever reached perfection though. One of my favourite parts about this challenge was the amount of colour Naomi used, as I am always someone to shy away from colourful make-up looks more out of laziness that lack of skill. It has definitely changed the amount of colour I play around with and you will for sure see more colourful make-up looks on my Instagram in posts to come. I also must finish off by saying that make-up is a true art form, and I applaud people such as Naomi with that skill and talent.

- Words by Kirsty Taylor

- Photography by Naomi Howell-Steven and Kirsty Taylor

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