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Things I Learnt From My Self-Set Lockdown Challenge

So, at the start of lockdown I came up with the idea to recreate make-up looks that my wonderful make-up guru friend, Naomi sent to me based off of this website's colour scheme (which is mainly represented in our logo). In a bid to do something creative and challenging with my time. To read more about the in's and out's of the challenge click here. This challenge is also a two part video on Naomi's Youtube challenge so you should check them out by clicking here or here, and you can enjoy my attempt at witty remarks, not so subtle self-plugging and of course rather awkward camera angles.

However, this post is going to be all about what I learnt from this challenge and I hope that this may encourage you to try a fun challenge of your own in this time.

  1. Eyeliner is damn hard

  2. Practice makes perfect for eyeliner

  3. It takes A LOT of practice to get eyeliner right

  4. Colourful make-up looks can really upgrade an overall look

  5. Getting ready during a lockdown helps you to feel productive

  6. It is very hard to get a good camera angle whilst trying to put on make-up using the mirror behind the camera

  7. My childhood bedroom's lighting AIN'T IT

  8. Everything always looks better outside

  9. You can upgrade a look by just doing a more jazzy eye or lip with fairly minimal effort, just some colour

  10. If we had communicated with more than photos, our looks would have been way closer together (but you know conflicting schedules can still happen in lockdown)

  11. I have terrible posture when I am sitting (sorry mum)

  12. Filming near a window gives you way better lighting (which I discovered in the very last clip of the final video)

  13. Having a tripod for my phone makes taking photos of the final look so much easier

  14. Make-up is art and Make-up guru's/MUA's are artists

  15. Naomi is so damn talented

Let us know in the comments what kind of challenges you have been doing throughout this time, or if you learnt new things during lockdown!

Words by Kirsty Taylor

Photography by Naomi Howell-Steven and Kirsty Taylor

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