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Submissions Open for Issue 19: Blossom

Would you like to be part of our Spring issue on the theme of ‘Blossom’? We are looking for art and writing of all kinds to be a part of the issue and would love to hear from you! Here are some questions to get you started:

Why do things blossom?

How does blossoming work?

When you hear the word blossom, what do you picture?

Can anything other than a flower blossom?

Have you ever blossomed?

Have you ever watched a blossom wilt?

Email with your work/proposal and a short (100 words max) ready-to-print bio or submit a form on this website. The deadline for submission is January 22, 2023 at midnight (BST).

Important things to note

- Maximum word count for articles is 800 words

- Maximum word count for short stories is 1500 words.

- Please send all work you wish to submit in one email

- Only send a short ready-to-print bio, not a CV

- Only one of your poems will be published per issue if you are selected

- Send a maximum of 3 poems per issue

- Poems should be a maximum of 40 lines each

- Send a maximum of 3 art pieces per issue

- We accept simultaneous or reprinted work, so long as credit is given to other publishers via your email. You must also have permission from the other publisher.

- If you email us something unrelated to the theme we may not reply to you.

Thank you!

Kirsty Taylor

Continue The Voice Editor-In-Chief

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